The YSCC  Graduates and Career Center was founded in 2018 by the decision of  YSCC Management Board (in the same year the Charter of the Center was approved by the college director). The main objective of the Center is to promote collaboration between the college and leading enterprises and employers, increase the competitiveness of colleges in the labor market, and strengthen the connection between the graduates and the college.

The main challenges of the center are as follows:

  • coordination, organization and summarization of the college work on employment issues of YSCC students and graduates;
  • providing certain experience and enhancing the career prospects of YSCC students;
  • ensuring effective communication between YSCC students, graduates and potential employers;
  • research, analysis and summary of information about local and international labor market trends;
  • implementation of various analyses on YSCC students' and graduates' career development prospects, the current status of competitiveness in the labor market and a number of other important issues;
  • organization of different types of consultations, trainings, seminars and other activities on employment for the YSCC students and graduates as well as dissemination of relevant information;
  • establishment of permanent connection and collaboration between the collage and the graduates;

The main objectives of the center are as follows:

  • organization of seminars and consulting services on internships and CV writing, appropriate presentation to the employer, career building and other issues related to modern labor market;
  • meetings with employers;
  • realization of voluntary programs;
  • expansion of graduates' data electronic database;
  • partnership with public and private organizations;
  • informing graduates on vacancies and other opportunities;
  • organization of different activities and round-table discussions which promote career development.

YSCC Graduates and Career Center is now actively cooperating with around 28 state and private companies, enterprises in Armenia, as well as with a number of international organizations.

For more information on the business partnership of the Center, see the section "Partners".

You can find out more information about the activities of the YSCC Graduates and Career Center in the annual reports of the Center.

The position of the head of the career centre is vacant at the momemt.

Phone: +374 (10) 480-580

Address: 37 Bagratunyats avenue., Yerevan, Armenia, 0061


Republic of Armenia 
37 Bagratunyats avenue  
Phone: +374 (10) 480 580
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